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The Night She Died

The Night She Died

A painting, a disc jockey, a mermaid, an estate agent, a recurring nightmare and an unsolved murder - these are all pieces of the puzzle which Inspector Thanet is asked to solve when he is called in to investigate the death of a young housewife, the beautiful and enigmatic Julie Holmes.

Anyone choosing to live in Gladstone Road would value privacy above all, Thanet decides when he first arrives at the scene of the murder. And he is right, as he soon discovers.

What was Julie’s secret? Why was she incapable of forming a close relationship with anyone, even her husband? These are only two of the intriguing questions which Thanet is called upon to answer in his search for the truth.

We accompany him, fascinated, as he delves deep into the past and is confronted with the possibility that he is hunting a murderer who has gone unpunished for twenty years.


‘An absolutely first rate mystery’ Publishers Weekly

‘Exceptional. A first rate job from a writer with subtlety and an unobtrusive literary style.’ The Washington Post.

‘First-class shocker... A highly complex weave of psychological torment and its shock waves.’ Booklist

‘A triumph’ Literary Review.

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